Sunday, 11 November 2012

Useless Blogger

Hello, dolls! I don't know how many times I'll have to say it, but I'm back again! Seriously, my blogging hiatus was far far longer than I had anticipated, I guess the busy parts of my life got in the way. Since we last 'talked'? Well since I last talked and some people listened, I have gotten a job of which I have now been employed at for over a year! I am still a student, a fact I am not too keen to discuss (namely for the fact that I am a useless scholar and now want to take a COMPLETELY new direction!! Don't ask..), and to be honest the rest of my life is supremely boring. So there is really no excuse why I should be so absent. To be honest, the catalyst to me re-entering the world of blogging was a really really good friend of mine, who has started an AMAZING fashion blog. She has the most incredible style (far surpassing anything that I could put together), she is stunning and the most lovely girl I've ever met. For those who are interested the name of her blog is, I highly recommend that you check her out! Anyway, back to the point: after seeing how excited she was to start her blog, I remembered the joy that I got from writing. Therefore here I am: back again to share what Kate(e) does. I am now 21, so would hope that I have grown up since we last spoke. Hopefully the direction that this blog will take will be of interest to you all, as the plans that I had for it in the past have changed somewhat.

What a long speech! For now, I will simply say I'm happy to be back. Until next time babes!

Kate x

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