Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Two peas

Every so often you meet someone, male or female, who you just seem to click with. There's not necessarily a reason behind the connection, for example you may come from completely different backgrounds, different ages etc, and yet when you talk or spend time together you feel as though you could be talking to yourself.

The reason that I bring this particular phenomenon up, is I have just returned home after spending a night out, in a cute little coffee place in Wellington with one of my closest friends. I have actually mentioned her very recently as the writer of ragtraderiches. The funny thing about our friendship is in all reality, we would probably never have become close if not forced together by work. And yet, now that we have been, it's honestly like the girl is my missing piece. We think the same, we use the same language, interested in the same things.. Admittedly she has FAR better style than I do, but I always appreciate and ADORE what she wears.

We are not the same age. We didn't go to the same school. But fate (and yes I do think there were other powers at work) for some reason or another, decided that we should meet.

Of course I am infinitely grateful for this chance meeting, and I honestly do not know how I would cope without her now. But it got me thinking: how many people are out there, of which this 'click' would just happen. Soul mates if you will. There is the argument of course that we have only one soul mate. I would beg to differ. I actually think we have many, and these people are the ones that we will spend the rest of our lives with, be in a romantic or friendship sense.

I have also been contemplating my own 'situation' as it stands at the moment (read: very VERY single) and really thinking about the sheer number of people that are out there, waiting to be discovered... Who knows, maybe another soul mate is waiting to be met!

I know that this post was a bit rambley, but what I'm really trying to get at is you will never meet anyone sat at home by yourself, or surrounded by the same people you have known for years. My challenge to myself is to break this bubble and this cycle. It has proven beneficial in the past.

Anyway my loves, it is very late here in NZ and no doubt I'll have A LOT to do tomorrow... Maybe? Either way I'm going to say goodnight, and hope you're all well,

Kate x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

OOTD- details

My outfit today is really boring: just heading to work so black on black on black. However! Something I love about wearing black is that it makes everything else pop. Here are a few pictures of my accessories and fragrance for Monday :)

Kate x

Useless Blogger

Hello, dolls! I don't know how many times I'll have to say it, but I'm back again! Seriously, my blogging hiatus was far far longer than I had anticipated, I guess the busy parts of my life got in the way. Since we last 'talked'? Well since I last talked and some people listened, I have gotten a job of which I have now been employed at for over a year! I am still a student, a fact I am not too keen to discuss (namely for the fact that I am a useless scholar and now want to take a COMPLETELY new direction!! Don't ask..), and to be honest the rest of my life is supremely boring. So there is really no excuse why I should be so absent. To be honest, the catalyst to me re-entering the world of blogging was a really really good friend of mine, who has started an AMAZING fashion blog. She has the most incredible style (far surpassing anything that I could put together), she is stunning and the most lovely girl I've ever met. For those who are interested the name of her blog is ragtraderiches@blogspot.co.nz, I highly recommend that you check her out! Anyway, back to the point: after seeing how excited she was to start her blog, I remembered the joy that I got from writing. Therefore here I am: back again to share what Kate(e) does. I am now 21, so would hope that I have grown up since we last spoke. Hopefully the direction that this blog will take will be of interest to you all, as the plans that I had for it in the past have changed somewhat.

What a long speech! For now, I will simply say I'm happy to be back. Until next time babes!

Kate x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Long time no see!

VERY belated hello's blogger world! I have been very absent recently, due to many reasons, but mostly because after my exams were done and dusted I decided to take a break from everything computer related. That's right, no facebook, no blog posts, no nothing. Movies were watched though the tv, and ipods were charged through wall charger. After staring at a computer screen for weeks doing revision, I felt that I needed a break.

But now I am happy to say that I am back, and have caught the blogging bug again. My camera unfortunately got stolen along with my iPod and Cell phone over the holiday break, from the gym so I am currently without any form of technology that would allow me to post photos on my blog. BUT this problem is being rectified as we speak and I hope to be able to add pics to my blog posts in the very near future. Watch this space!

As to what I plan to talk about, do, see etc, I have not quite formed an itinerary of exactly what I am going to include for the second half of the year. Ideas include a 'twenty things' series in honor of entering my second decade of life in August. I do have uni this semester though so there might be lapses in the frequency of my posts.

Anyway, I really just wanted to say hi and let everyone know that I AM in fact alive and well, just been lazy :)

All my love bloggies!!

Kate x

p.s: I am going to have a whole post dedicated to the wonders of Harry Potter in the coming days. I am unbelievably excited about the new movie release I can barely contain it! But I felt that it deserved a post all to itself, not simply to be included in another one :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

What Katee Did Next..

I have decided that I am going to compile a list of things that I want to get done before the next trimester starts. No homework and no luck on the job front means that I have a lot of extra time on my hands. So, here goes:

1: Paint brother's room: I recently painted my whole room myself! I was so proud of the fact that I did the whole thing, and it came out really well! Perhaps I will post a photo one day.. Anyway, turns out my parents were impressed too so they have asked me to paint his room too :)

2: (re)learn to knit: When I lived in Ireland knitting was something me and my grandmother used to do together. I made a top for my teddy bear and LOVED it! Now I want to get back in to it, being so so far away from my family it is sometimes hard to feel connected and I think that this mutual hobby might be a good way of doing it. Also, how cool would it be to wear something that my own hands had made!

3: Spend a whole day baking (and make something from the fancy cookbook): I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake/cook/read cookbooks. I literally devour cookbooks. It is definitely a passion of mine, and to have the freedom to spend all day in the kitchen is something that I am going to have to embrace. As I spend so much time reading cookbooks, I have flicked many times through the 'fancy' cookbooks that contain amazing recipes that I am too scared to attempt. But these hols I am going to give it a go.

That's all for now but I am sure that there will be some more to add to the list. Please comment below and tell me what you would love to do if you had endless time, also if you have any other cool suggestions. Bear in mind it is Winter here so indoor activities are preferable ;)

Kate x

Old Friends

Today was the absolute dreariest, grey-est day that has ever been. The rain could not decide whether it wanted to spit a little bit or drench the place so it sat in that in betweeny stage that makes it impossible to walk around anywhere outside, but doesn't have the satisfaction of sitting at home in front on the heater listening to the rain PELT down on the roof. So, I went shopping. Actually it wasn't a splurge trip, I had a couple of things that I needed to pick up, and when I say needed I really mean needed.

My 'Old Friends' of which this post is dedicated to were my absolute favourite flannel pyjamas purchased from Ireland on my last visit to my family. I know, it seems a little bit ridiculous to get sentimental about a pair of pyjamas, but there is something simply heavenly about coming home and throwing on a pair of well worn, cosy jim jams. And these were the ultimate in cosiness. Perfectly worn so that they had lost that starchy feel of brand new flannel, and SO warm that they felt like a hug. But.. A couple of weeks ago I had to concede that my perfect jammies had well and truly bitten the dust and it was high time that I replaced them. As my mum charmingly pointed out to me "what if there was a fire and you had to run in to the middle of the street wearing them? You would not be fit to be seen". She was right. They had holes in nearly all of the seems, were so thread bare in places they were practically see through..

And yet I had a hard time throwing them away. A pair of pyjamas. Attachment issues anyone?

I am now the proud owner of a new pair (two new pairs to be precise) and already I can feel that attachment beginning again. It helps that it is going in to Winter and lounging around in pj's is totally acceptable.

Do any of you have an odd attachment to any pieces of clothing? Completely irrational and yet there is definitely a connection between you? Perhaps it is just me :)

Hope that you all had a nice Monday, it is now evening here and I think I might have to road-test my new loves..

Kate x

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Sunday has always been my least favourite day of the week, almost for as long as I can remember. The day before the start of the working week is always a bit of a drag but it being Queen's Birthday Weekend here in NZ we have a long weekend. An extra day before the week begins. Not only that but I am officially on exam leave for uni so I have no week at all really. Just the build up to exams which are weighing very heavily on my mind. So why then do I feel that very familiar feeling of 'oh no, not you again' that I seem to welcome every Sunday with? I do wonder if anyone else has this feeling. I must confess that there have been times after a big Saturday night (just fyi, I am nineteen years old so legally allowed to drink in NZ) that I would very quickly trade in the dreaded hangover from the night before for a 9 to 5 working day as really there is nothing you can do but lie around and feel a bit miserable. Day wasted. But, I am not a big drinker, in fact the number of Sunday's, or any days for that matter that I have felt like that in the past six months I could literally count on one hand. So what is it then? Why is it that a day of the week in which I have no sporting or school related commitments seems to put me in a right grump? I suppose it doesn't help that while looking out my window all I can see are dreary grey skies and rain spattered windows. Perhaps my mood will perk up when the weather decides to. 

Does anyone else have these odd and rather unexplainable feelings about a particular day of the week? Or am I alone in my Sunday-itis.

Until next time ;)
Kate x