Sunday, 5 June 2011

Old Friends

Today was the absolute dreariest, grey-est day that has ever been. The rain could not decide whether it wanted to spit a little bit or drench the place so it sat in that in betweeny stage that makes it impossible to walk around anywhere outside, but doesn't have the satisfaction of sitting at home in front on the heater listening to the rain PELT down on the roof. So, I went shopping. Actually it wasn't a splurge trip, I had a couple of things that I needed to pick up, and when I say needed I really mean needed.

My 'Old Friends' of which this post is dedicated to were my absolute favourite flannel pyjamas purchased from Ireland on my last visit to my family. I know, it seems a little bit ridiculous to get sentimental about a pair of pyjamas, but there is something simply heavenly about coming home and throwing on a pair of well worn, cosy jim jams. And these were the ultimate in cosiness. Perfectly worn so that they had lost that starchy feel of brand new flannel, and SO warm that they felt like a hug. But.. A couple of weeks ago I had to concede that my perfect jammies had well and truly bitten the dust and it was high time that I replaced them. As my mum charmingly pointed out to me "what if there was a fire and you had to run in to the middle of the street wearing them? You would not be fit to be seen". She was right. They had holes in nearly all of the seems, were so thread bare in places they were practically see through..

And yet I had a hard time throwing them away. A pair of pyjamas. Attachment issues anyone?

I am now the proud owner of a new pair (two new pairs to be precise) and already I can feel that attachment beginning again. It helps that it is going in to Winter and lounging around in pj's is totally acceptable.

Do any of you have an odd attachment to any pieces of clothing? Completely irrational and yet there is definitely a connection between you? Perhaps it is just me :)

Hope that you all had a nice Monday, it is now evening here and I think I might have to road-test my new loves..

Kate x

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