Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean OPI- Mini Review

So, as stated below this blog is going to be about a whole myriad of topics. To kick us off I thought that I would start with an obsession of mine (and yes, I really do mean obsession)- nail polish. I happen to be a bit of an addict when it comes to nail polish- cheaper than buying a whole new outfit but can immediately make you walk with that little extra spring in your step. I also happen to be a rather big fan of the Pirates movies, so when I heard that OPI were coming out with a collection with them I knew that I absolutely had to get my hands on them. And get my hands on them I did! But only three of the colours. I am still um-ing and ah-ing about two others, and the third colour that I don't own was the only one of the collection of which I was not a fan. Anyway, back to the point. The three colours that I got were:

Planks A Lot
Skull and Glossbones
Mermaid's Tears

Of the three I was most excited about Planks A Lot. The dusty purple was unlike anything I previously owned, and I found that the very subtle grey-ish tone in the polish created a more toned down and wearable purple.

Skull and Glossbones is another winner in my opinion. In the bottle it appeared much more grey than when I applied it to my nails. On my nails it is a very rich greeny-grey colour, reminding me of cygnets when they are all covered in down. As it is now winter in New Zealand this is one of my most worn colours (along with Lincoln Park After Dark and Bogota Blackberry).

Mermaids Tears left me a bit cold to be honest, and I can only attribute this to an unrealistic colour match from the OPI website. Naturally it looks very different in the bottle and I realised that the colour on the screen would be completely different to that of reality, but the screen colour stuck in my mind and I must confess to being disappointed when I first applied this to my nails. It is a really beautiful colour, pale pale egg shell green. But I still in my heart of hearts wish it was more like the swatch on the website.. I am still on my quest for that perfect minty greeny blue..

The three that I did not pick up were Stranger Tides, Sparrow Me the Drama and Steady as She Rose.

The latter two I am still on the fence about. Sparrow me the Drama being a gorgeous muted pink, and Steady as She Rose a lovely, very light creamy pink, just barely blushed. I do love these colours, but they seem to me to be a bit hum drum and perhaps like something I already own just slightly different, therefore I have not been able to justify purchasing.. Yet.
Stranger Tides however is one that no matter what I will NOT be purchasing. To me this almost lets the whole collection down. It is 'khaki' but not. Personally I really like khaki as a colour. The earthiness of it is really really lovely. But this polish I found simply dirty. I tried to love it, but try as I might to find a place in my heart for the slightly weird colour I could not. I feel that OPI could have done something really magnificent with the starring colour (Stranger Tides being the name of the fourth Pirates movie) and yet chose to go down a frankly odd road.

Anyway, I await with baited breath anyone who would like to add their thoughts to my little review (see: rant) about this new collection.

Until next time...

Kate x

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